June 18
Callers: Jeremy & Gwen Lemos
Garden: Ruby Garden

June 25
Callers: Lily Emerson & Charlie Malave
Garden: SRB Community Spirit Garden

July 2
Callers: David Kodeski and Naomi Ashley
Garden: Peterson Garden Project

July 9
Callers: Stan Wood and Geoff Atkinson
Garden: El Paseo Community Garden in Pilsen

July 16
Callers: Mollie Edgar, Danny Orendorff, and Sarah Gardiner
Garden: Corner Farm

July 23
Callers: Seth Bockley and Jefferey Thomas
Garden: Fulton Street Flower and Vegetable Garden

July 30
Callers: Danny Black and Amy Gard
Garden: 1900 S. Avers

August 6
Callers: Catherine Smitko and Ron Rains
Garden: American Community Gardening Conference

August 13
Callers: Sarah Dandelles and special guests
Garden: TBD

August 20
Callers: Justin Amolsch and Dave Smith
Garden: South Merrill Community Garden

August 27
Callers: Kenn Goodman and Dag Juhlin
Garden: Xochiquetzal Peace Garden

September 3
Callers: Jon Langford and Martin Billheimer
Garden: Mercy Housing Lakefront Youth Garden

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