2013 Bingo Schedule

June 26
Callers: Jeremy & Gwen Lemos
Garden: Nicholson School Learning Garden

July 3
Callers: Michael Slaboch and Penny Duff
Garden: Met West Community Garden

July 10
Callers: Catherine Smitko and Ron Rains
Garden: Ruby Garden

July 17
Callers: Rusty Schwimmer and Rosalie Kaplan plus a SURPRISE GUEST
Garden: Bowanville Gardens

July 24
Callers: Diana Slickman and David Kodeski
Garden: Mozart’s Community Garden

July 31
Callers: Mollie Edgar, Danny Orendorff, and Sarah Gardiner
Garden: Altgeld Sawyer Corner Farm

August 7
Callers: Lawrence Peters and Seth Bockley
Garden: Roots and Rays

August 14
Callers: Sarah Dandelles and Sarah Bortt
Garden: Montrose Green

August 21
Callers: Doug Sohn and Helen Tsatsos
Garden: Fulton Street Flower and Vegetable Garden

August 28
Callers: Kenn Goodman and Dag Juhlin
Garden: Howard Area Community Garden

September 4
Callers: Annie Coleman and Janet Ecklebarger
Garden: North Lawndale Greening Committee

September 11
Callers: Miss Mia and Ratso
Garden: Austin Green Team

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